About me

My name is Terese Brandstrup Thomsen and I am a UX/UI Designer.

I graduated from the IT-University of Copenhagen with a master’s degree in Digital Design and Communication in 2017. 

My portfolio illustrates some of the projects and visual designs I have created during my work and studies. However, I also display fictional designs and layouts that I create in my spare time.

I possess competencies in UX/UI design, user-centered communication design, concept development, project management, graphic design, digital communication, design and construction of web and multimedia productions as well as digital interaction. 

I’m ambitious and passionate about what I do and I find it interesting how you can create digital design and communication products/concepts that focus on user needs. I focus on creating interfaces and experiences that help the user to complete their tasks intuitively. Additionally, I’m a curious person who strives to learn new methods and processes.

I have a strong team player spirit and enjoy working with projects where we can draw on each other competences and mindset.