JUNGLEN: podcast

Exam assignment in “Communication Design: Applied Methods and Techniques” (year 2016) during my study at the IT-University of Copenhagen. The assignment was to re-design the digital news experience according to the users’ needs.

Based upon nine respondents’ media habits and consumption, we discovered a need for more thorough presented news, tangible demonstrations of politics and news with a ‘twist’. These insights led us to create a new digital news concept called JUNGLEN: a podcast, presenting political issues in an in-depth documentary style genre giving the listener a thorough understanding of politics.

At this page I present the graphical presentation of the concept.


Below is the board where we collected all insights from interviews with the target group. Similar cases where divided into sections e.g. ‘Entertainment’, ‘Perception of news’ and ‘Online vs. Offline medias’. This insight of the user group was the foundation of every decision which led to the content of the podcast.


With the insights in mind, content and sketches for the podcast were created.

The content was recorded and later tested on the user group. Regarding ‘visual’ identity of the podcast users were also presented for ‘JUNGLEN’ as the name of the podcast. User’s were familiar with the Podcast-app on their smartphone and therefore a simple layout for cover image were sketches as well.

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